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OpenDEM Tracker beta now available & OpenLayers 3 mapclient


GPS tracking and height recording based on the barometric sensor of your mobile device.

The OpenDEM Tracker App Beta is now available in the Google Play Store:
https://play.google.com/apps/testing/in … demtracker

Please test the app and help to build up an Open Digital Elevation Model.

Be aware that this is an app with experimental status. With the present reference data of the weather APIs, it is not possible to create a reliable correction of the data over longer time periods.

Nonetheless, the first 10 minutes of every recorded track could be a good starting point to build up an OpenDEM.

Read more at http://www.opendem.info under the OpenDemTracker menue item.

There is also a OL3 mapclient with featureinfo, styling on demand, overviews with pointstacker and the possibility to visualize only a specific track.

Perhaps some of the functions are also interesting for the OpenNauticalChart clients in adapted form.




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