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collaboration: TeamSurv Ltd.

just emailed Tim http://www.teamsurv.eu

- it is a nonfree project
- contributors may use the data for free
- commercial users have to pay
- non commercial use is a "grey area not defined fully"

But Tim is sure, they could supply a WMS feed to us to have a depth overlay layer in case we do encourage our users to log and share tracks.


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Re: collaboration: TeamSurv Ltd.

I have been eyeing his data for a long long time... I never did figure out how to upload files but then that's because I found OSeaM.


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Re: collaboration: TeamSurv Ltd.


Repeatedly asked Tim for an export of my data, for work I was doing with the moorings officer of a sailing club. Nothing! The data was needed to produce a chartlet. I fear it is a case of data in and very little out.

The algorithms for the adjustment of depths are not transparent. Also a 'bar check' I carried out for the calibration of my transducer was not incorporated in the depths submitted. These depths are (imo) incorrectly shown on the TeamSurv website.

A totally open source of depth data is needed. If the depths are adjusted for tide/atmo then the correction for these should also be included in the database.



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